Stockton Police Foundation

Proceeds will go to the following programs:

Safety Equipment
Equipment to ensure our Police Officers remain safe in the course of their daily work is critical for a safe community. Various items of safety equipment are always in demand and can include protective equipment for the mobile field force or less-than-lethal munitions that is not otherwise funded.
– Less-lethal munitions
– Tasers for every officer
– Protective Riot Equipment

Gunfire Detection System 2014
Crime scene, detection and investigation technologies are always helpful to the Police Department and are not always funded. An example of such a technology is a gunshot detection and location system.

Transportation Officer Program
– Groundbreaking for the Entire Nation
– Funded via Donations
– Handle Processing and Booking of Arrestees
– Frees up Full-Time Police Officers to get back on the streets
– Over 20 Arrests per day by SPD
– Each Arrest = 1 ½ Hours of an Officer’s Time
– Equivalent of 30 Officer Hours (3 Police Officers)

The Stockton Police Foundation’s original priority was to create and operate, through donations, the Transportation Officer Program whereby part-time officers transport arrestees to the County Jail, freeing up patrol officers time to get them back on the street. The Transportation Officer Program is still a high priority for the Police Department. There are other possible programs in the future where the foundation may help, including an air support program.