SPD Needs

The Stockton Police Department has been approached by multiple interested donors desiring to contribute monies toward the Police Department for more general police related purposes. The increase in interest stems from (1) the financial situation for the City of Stockton, and (2) public sentiment about real and perceived crime in Stockton.

Any funds raised by the Foundation will not supplant existing funding or reduce City responsibility to support the Police Department, and it is meant to further connect the community to the Department.

According to the Stockton Police Department, there are some needs for the Department that are currently unfunded and therefore have been requested to be procured through donations via the Stockton Police Foundation (SPF).

Three donation categories have been identified:

  • Programs: The Stockton Police Foundation’s original priority was to create and operate, through donations, the Transportation Officer Program whereby part-time officers transport arrestees to the County Jail, freeing up patrol officers time to get them back on the street. The Transportation Officer Program is still a high priority for the Police Department. There are other possible programs in the future where the foundation may help, including an air support program.
  • Technology: Crime scene, detection and investigation technologies are always helpful to the Police Department and are not always funded. An example of such a technology is a gunshot detection and location system.
  • Safety Equipment: Equipment to ensure our Police Officers remain safe in the course of their daily work is critical for a safe community. Various items of safety equipment are always in demand and can include protective equipment for the mobile field force, less-than-lethal munitions, or the replacing of outdated weaponry that is not otherwise funded.