Stockton Police Foundation


The formation of the Stockton Police Foundation will allow the Stockton Police Department to accept private donations and will allow active fundraising to occur.  It is believed that the funding of critical technology and equipment will greatly assist the Stockton Police Department with their mission.

“To work in partnership with the people of Stockton to build a safe and secure community.”

Furthermore the funding of a part-time transportation officer program will not only be ground-breaking, but will enhance our efficiency greatly. A police foundation is a private, nonprofit organization governed by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Section 501(c)(3) (and related statutes under the State Revenue and Taxation Code) making contributions to the organization tax deductible. A police foundation allows law enforcement agencies to acquire funding for projects, programs, equipment, and technology that may be out of reach or otherwise outside funding of the General Fund. Normally, a citizen or a group of citizens work to organize and incorporate a foundation. There are several reasons a police chief would personally be involved in the creation of such a foundation. One such reason is for the enhancement of the relationship between the Police Department, citizens, and businesses. Another reason is the immediate credibility of the Foundation itself if the police chief is involved.  It also builds trust both within the community and the Department to improve the quality of services and the ability to deliver new services. Lastly, a police foundation endorsed by a police chief should have a primary goal of fundraising on a regular basis.